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HANGZHOU TANGJIE MOLECULES CO., LTD.,located in the famous scenic tourist city--Hangzhou, is a professional R&D, consulting, import and export trade and specialized in fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic initiators, organic chemical raw materials and other products. A comprehensive company that sells and has offices in Dalian and Japan.

Since its establishment, the company has established a good business development relationship with domestic and foreign chemical companies relying on close cooperation with well-known domestic chemical institutes and chemical research institutes, and has won the trust and support from customers in Japan, South Korea, Europe and America.

We are an innovative, flexible and responsible company, dedicated to providing high quality services to our customers with a responsible and pragmatic attitude.


Address: 2221#,Boyuexuan,1870# Binsheng Road, Binjiang District, HangZhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
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